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Rethinking Innovation

One of my favorite topics about the medical device industry and technology in general is innovation. Rebecca's post last week discussed the Medical Innovation Summit - "Innovative to the Bone" hosted by the Cleveland Clinic. Although I was unable to attend the event, I did find an interesting article that discussed the current status of innovation as well as what the future looks like in this area.

Innovative to the Bone

Last week, Regulatory and Quality Solutions participated in Cleveland Clinic’s 10th Annual Medical Innovation Summit – “Innovative to the Bone”! Each year, the Summit highlights different areas of specialization, with this year focusing on orthopaedics. It was our first year participating in the Summit, which brought together more than 1,100 executives, investors, entrepreneurs, and clinicians from around the world October 29th – October 31st.

Now that’s some real horse power

Our neighbors located up the street from our Cleveland, OH location, at the Cleveland Clinic, have recently helped develop horse power into a whole new meaning. A Cleveland Clinic researcher found that one reason horses are more efficient at walking and running than humans, is because of the extremely long tendons in their legs. The Cleveland Clinic researcher then took the horse’s anatomy and applied it to help develop an orthosis device, fittingly called Kickstart, which helps patients with impaired walking. The technology behind Kickstart was licensed to Cadence Biomedical and hit the market in September.

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