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R&Q: Engineered by Women

Did you know that women are half as likely as men to start businesses?

That's a statistic R&Q wants to help change. Aside from the importance of gender and fairness issues, women entrepreneurship fuels economic growth.

R&Q is Engineered by Women. We're proud to have been started and now led by our female co-founders and owners, Maria Fagan and Lisa Casavant. What they've accomplished and continue to accomplish over the course of their careers prove they are driven, visionary, and immensely influential in the medical device industry. They most certainly have been positively influential to R&Q's medical device clients. Since the LLC was formed in July of 2008, Maria and Lisa's mission has centered on customer and employee satisfaction. This has helped us grow to more than 70 QA/RA professionals - including former FDA staff and 25+ year industry veterans - and establish a corporate culture in the device industry that we think is second to none.

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