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MDUFA IV: More Than Just User Fees - FDA Reauthorization Act (FDARA) Passes Senate

Pending the expected signature of President Trump, MDUFA IV will be..

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Clarifying the Clinical Evaluation Requirements: A Case Study

About R&Q's Case Studies: We hope this Clinical Evaluation Report case study..

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The Lowdown on Cybersecurity for Medical Devices

Every one of us has probably either been affected by or knows someone who..


MDSAP: A Better Inspection Option for Device Manufacturers?

Note: This post is written by Jake O'Donnell, Senior FDA Compliance..

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MDSAP: What is it? Is it for me? How will I get it done? [Webinar]

Part of your month, every month: R&Q Intelligence Series webinars are held..

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Review Controls Applied to Outgoing Data Streams (Because the FDA Might Be)

Medical device manufacturers need to carefully manage several important..

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Acquisition Regulatory Assessments: A Case Study

About R&Q's Case Studies: We hope this Acquisition Regulatory Assessments..

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The REdI Fall 2016 Conference: Slides and Recordings

The Regulatory Education for Industry (REdI) Conference is an FDA-led forum..

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Revamping Supplier Quality: A Case Study

About R&Q's Case Studies: We hope this Supplier Quality Remediation case..

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When CAPA Needs a Corrective Action: A CAPA Remediation Case Study

About R&Q's Case Studies: We hope this case study is valuable to you. Here..