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Who is your customer?

My mom works as an x-ray technician at a small orthopedic office in Chicago-land. Recently, the office ordered a new x-ray machine to replace their old and outdated equipment. My mom was very eager to use the new equipment, and was very happy to have an upgrade. However, after a few days of shuffling patients in and out of the room, she already had some complaints: the lever for the film was difficult to operate, there was not enough clearance between the machine and the door to get a stretcher in the room, the surface of the table was too slippery. One thing she said that really stuck with me was that no one ever asked her for her opinion when buying the equipment, even though she was going to be the one using it every day. She said she would have picked a different machine, if she had the choice.

Women in Bio Success!

This past Thursday (11/29) several RQS employees were fortunate enough to attend the kick-off event for the Women in Bio Pittsburgh chapter which featured keynote speaker Alexandra Drane. Alexandra is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer at Eliza Corporation. The event was buzzing with excitement as women in a number of life sciences fields came together and shared a common interest of wanting to improve healthcare and wanting to improve people's lives. Alexandra's speech was humorous and powerful. She discussed her current company (Eliza Corporation) as well as her previous three start-up companies. Alexandra has no regrets from past failures and in fact went into detail on everything she learned from her previous companies. I think being able to admit a mistake is the best way to move on and learn from it.

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