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Hitting Home

One of the more personal aspects of why I work in regulatory and quality is because of my dad. As a youth, he experienced a hip injury. Combine that with a condition (don't ask - I never remember its fancy medical name) that causes weak capillaries, and that resulted in a "busted hip". Specifically, one that had become so painful in his late 30's he needed a hip replacement.

Spider silk isn't just for Spider-Man

The vast majority of us are familiar with Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Marvel comic book series, "The Amazing Spider-Man", where he would go web-slinging from here to there, in order to catch the baddies (of course, there is a lot more to this story than just that… but web-slinging is the main take-home point for now). Not only is our childhood superhero strong and just, but he is also smart.

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