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Astronaut Icecream and Medical Devices

In recent years, my father has picked up a new hobby of star-gazing. What started out, as I believe, as an excuse to get out of the house and away from the mother-in-law, has slowly turned into a full-fledged astronomical geekfest (no pun intended). So, for Christmas this year, I thought it would be pretty awesome to buy the old man a star – a physical star in space. Yes, I know… no one can own a star, or a planet, or even Space itself, but the theory is amusing. Upon purchasing a star, its coordinates are issued, registered in the company’s database of stars, and the “owner” of the star is given the super-hero or super-villain ability to name it (now, I think a hilariously clichéd, yet appropriate name for my Dad’s star would be “Death Star”, but I am leaving the naming up to him).

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