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Review Controls Applied to Outgoing Data Streams (Because the FDA Might Be)


Medical device manufacturers need to carefully manage several important outward streams of information regarding their products. The regulatory community is generally most familiar with the data stream that relates to obtaining clearance to market devices, which involves communications directly with the FDA. The FDA data stream is customarily well integrated with a firm’s internal regulatory functions of review and approval. However, there are other data streams that are critical to the commercial success of device manufacturers.

5 Heads are Better Than 1: De-Risking Your Regulatory Pathway Using a Team Approach - A Case Study

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Regulation doesn't have to be a barrier to innovation.

A client was developing a software package using Big Data to provide clinical decision support for physicians. They initially believed a premarket approval (PMA) could be required for the product depending on the claims that would be made. They were also concerned about the potential cost of clinical trials and the overall timing of bringing the product to market.

Mobile Medical Applications: Make Sure uChek with FDA

The latest mobile medical application news on the industry's collective mind is the issuance of an "It has come to our attention..." letter sent to Biosense Technologies in India, essentially questioning why Biosense has not obtained 510(k) clearance for their uChek mobile application. The device is a mobile medical application for phones that takes a picture of urinalysis strips and compares the color against a standard to make a determination about the status of a patients urine. It also includes a box that controls external light to ensure better quality of the results. From a "fan" standpoint, it's an awesome device and technology. You can see it demo-ed during the TED talk given by the company's CEO.

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