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Deals and Steals

Thanksgiving night I was standing outside in the cold in a line that wrapped halfway around Target. My motivation for this spontaneous Black Friday door-buster shopping was peer pressure, but I was also excited to take advantage of the great prices. Even though I wasn't in the market for a new 50" HD TV for only $350, I still found good deals on some gloves and a new GPS. I took advantage of the deals and steals of the holidays. A good sale is just too hard to pass up.

Mobile Medical Applications: Innovation vs. Regulation

Mobile apps are absolutely exploding on the marketplace. It seems like so many business entrepreneurs are focusing on creating new apps that fit various needs such as games, music, organizational purposes and the list goes on. I recently read an article that discussed creating a Mobile Health office within the FDA. Specifically focusing on health alone, there are thousands of mobile apps that focus on counting calories, recording miles walked, and monitoring blood sugar levels.

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