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A Cool New Way to Prevent Cancer Hair Loss — Literally


Baby, It's Cold Outside, especially in Texas, where a clinical trial showed a new cooling cap system can prevent hair loss in cancer patients.

The ongoing trial involved 95 women with early stage breast cancer. After four cyles of chemotherapy, 48 of the patientsor 51 percentretained their hair. Meanwhile, 47 control patients had no hair after four rounds of chemotherapy. The results were so striking that researchers decided to stop the study early and report their findings at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium last week. 

Wearables are Exploding (Not Literally!) and Transforming the Medical Device Industry

Image via Verily

Smart wearables are turning into a largely profitable industry. From glucose monitoring, to sleep technology, to fitness apps, the number of wearable medical devices on the market are continuing to grow and in turn, help the lives of people - with or without ailments. Many of these devices are meant to ease daily life and prevent invasive and potentially harmful procedures for patients all over the world. This technology also encourages wearers to be actively involved in bettering their own health behaviors.

These innovative devices typically fall into the three categories below.

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