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PMCF Plans

In our July webinar, find out how to create detailed, compliant, and..

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Q&A: FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and EU ...

R&Q's May 2020 webinar focused on FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) process..

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Q&A: RAPS Webcast - PMS Requirements of the EU MDR

R&Q is a Premium Solutions Partner of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals..


Developing an FDA Regulatory Strategy (Part 2)

A definitive guide for entering the US market.

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Q&A: Structuring PERs under IVDR

R&Q's April 2020 webinar focused on Structuring Performance Evaluation Reports..

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FDAnews Webinar featuring R&Q's Jon Gimbel, Ph.D. ...

Tuesday 2 June 2020 — An FDAnews Webinar featuring R&Q


Case Studies of MDD and MDR Audit Findings... and ...

On-Demand - A webinar entirely dedicated to case studies.

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Q&A: EU MDR Audits: Preparing, Managing & ...

R&Q's March 2020 webinar focused on dealing with EU MDR Audit..


FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and EU MDR ...

26 May 2020 - Processes, tips, and lessons learned.


RAPS Webcast: PMS Requirements of the EU MDR

  Note: this webcast is now available on demand. R&Q is a Premium Solutions..

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Q&A: PMS Requirements of the EU MDR

In February – just before COVID-19 began to seriously impact those of us in the..


Structuring PERs under IVDR

Whether you are interested in improved strategies for completing PERs or..