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We're passionate about fostering a rewarding culture where the and means more in all that we do. We are a team of highly skilled, optimistic, and passionate professionals improving lives through the work we do and the efforts in our communities.

No staffing agencies here! Our consultants are employees and part of the R&Q family. Joining the team means collaborating with the best and brightest from across our industry.

Candidates & Job Seekers: Click here (PDF) for a letter from R&Q's Director of Talent Management & Recruiting for an update on our interview and hiring processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Prepare to be empowered.

R&Q offers more than just careers in regulatory and quality for engineers and technical professionals (but yes, we're hiring). We offer a dynamic workplace where you can learn, grow, and tackle challenges. Get in front of customers, solve problems, add value. Be influential.
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We work, we play, we care.

Employees support one another and it's part of our DNA. Our team is highly motivated and willing to put other employees and clients before themselves. Givers, not takers. Be inspired to do your best work at R&Q. And have fun doing it.
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Energetic, collaborative, entrepreneurial.

Feel it from our work spaces to events. Employees are empowered to forge their own path to achieving goals. If you're looking for a mundane work environment, keep looking. Inspirational and rewarding? Look no further than R&Q.


Tangible and intangible.

From a leading compensation package to a focus on work-life balance, we take "the and means more" seriously. R&Q conducts routine surveys to upgrade programs. Nearly every employee would highly recommend working at R&Q. You'll feel appreciated here.

Wide reaching

Sherri White, Project Engineer – R&Q

"Improving lives is different at R&Q than anywhere else because your reach is so wide. I've had the chance to work in cardiology, orthopedics, respiratory care, pain management, combination devices, elder care management, and more within my tenure at R&Q."

For our complete interview with Sherri about her experience with R&Q, click here.



Chad Quistad, Director, Intelligence & Technical Excellence – R&Q

"This is the first company where I was allowed to expand upon my initial role and pursue my true goals. Now, I'm asked day in and day out to advise on very diverse subjects I am a subject matter expert (SME) for and share my passion. Working here feeds my desire to do more."

For our complete interview with Chad about his experience with R&Q, click here.



Juli Denny, VP of Sales and Marketing – R&Q

"My goal is to work in a rewarding environment where my experience is utilized, appreciated, and trusted. R&Q provides that place. I can apply years of experience and my passion to lead and grow teams."

For our complete interview with Juli about her experience with R&Q, click here.

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Christine Santagate, Director, Northeast Regional Operations – R&Q

"As consultants, we are able to cut through the corporate bureaucracy and assist with issues that directly impact our clients... and the lives of patients."

For our complete interview with Christine about her experience with R&Q, click here.

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