Our Culture

A culture you have to feel to believe.

If you want to be heard, feel challenged, and make an impact then R&Q is where you belong. Our consultants are employees and part of the R&Q team.

Our Core Values

We believe in fostering a rewarding culture where the and means more in all that we do. We are highly skilled, optimistic and passionate professionals improving lives through the work we do and the efforts in our communities. Our core values are the guiding principles that help unite and align us. Together, we are one team with a common purpose.

Live By The Golden Rule
Operate as a cohesive team… that likes to have fun
Improve all the time
Laser Focus on Customer Success
Communicate Effectively and Expeditiously
Be Courageous, Proactive, and figure it out
Share Concerns and Follow With A Thoughtful Solution

What's Your Passion?

Find your passion at R&Q. Our consultants are employees and part of the R&Q team. Joining R&Q means collaborating with the best and brightest from across our industry.

Consulting for R&Q
Consulting for R&Q
Prepare to be empowered.
R&Q offers more than just careers in regulatory and quality for engineers and technical professionals (but yes, we're hiring). We offer a dynamic workplace where you can learn, grow, and tackle challenges. Get in front of customers, solve problems, add value. Be influential.
Cohesive Team
Cohesive Team
We work, we play, we care.
Our culture focuses on supporting and encouraging one another professionally and personally. Our team is highly motivated and willing to put other employees and our clients before themselves. We are givers, not takers. Be passionate, be inspired and don’t forget to be you! Be your best at R&Q and have fun doing it!
Rewarding Culture
Rewarding Culture
Flexible, Motivating, Genuine.
Feel it from our work spaces to events. Employees are empowered to forge their own path to achieving goals. If you're looking for a mundane work environment, keep looking. Inspirational and rewarding? Look no further than R&Q.
Competitive Benefits
Competitive Benefits
Tangible and intangible.
We offer our employees best in class benefits including an innovative time off package! With a focus on work-life balance we ensure you have the tools and benefits to create that balance specific to your needs. We conduct an annual engagement survey and leverage that data to continually improve. That means that we are always one step ahead of the competition – ensuring our benefits and programs are tailored to our employees’ needs.

Our Jobs

Our Interview Process

R&Q takes pride in hiring the best and the brightest in our industry. We believe our culture is what differentiates us from the competition. Our employee engagement and retention rates speak volumes.

Don’t just take our word for it: our four-step interview process allows you to interview us as much as we are interviewing you! We take pride in creating an unmatched candidate experience.

Read on to find out what you can expect and click the "Details" drop-down for more information about each step.

Step One: Recruiter Interview

Our recruiter will take the time to introduce you to R&Q while understanding your background and interests.

Often, this interview could be exploratory in nature. Since we are always seeking the best talent in the industry, we love to network! Often, our new hires are passive candidates that became intrigued as they learned more about R&Q. Be prepared to discuss your career history, background, and likes/dislikes. Our recruiters will share more about our current opportunities and answer any questions you have about R&Q.

Step Two: Technical Interview

To better understand your background and experiences, we would like to have you speak with our Technical Resourcing Analyst.

Our resourcing team has a heavy background in Regulatory and Quality and always likes to talk technical. As we partner with you to find the right opportunity within R&Q, this technical conversation gives us the chance to find out more about your technical skills, interests, and experiences. Your recruiter will reconnect with you following your technical interview to discuss next steps!

Step Three: Competency Interview

Depending on the role and department, this interview is with someone in the business and will define the role and responsibilities in more detail.

If you are interviewing for a consultancy role, you will get a better feel for life as a consultant and the types of projects with our clients. Think you know consulting? Think again… you might be surprised to see how we can make work-life balance work, even in the consulting space.

Step Four: Final Round Interview

We have a lot to offer (just like you) and this last interview will help answer any last questions you might have regarding the role or company.

We are excited you are interested in pursuing your passion with R&Q! Often, this final round is with your potential Director or it could be a panel interview depending on the role and department. Your recruiter will prepare you with what to expect.