You probably put in long hours to develop a safe and effective product. Implement the right controls with R&Q's help to ensure it stays that way.

Product quality services

Manufacturing site transfer
Supplier quality and audits
Process validation/qualification
Manufacturing process quality

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Your device comes to life. It's time for your medical device to mature and get ready for prime time. R&Q ensures you are prepared for the gamut of challenges a typical device company will face at this stage: supplier audits, site transfer, manufacturing quality, and process validation/qualification. This doesn't have to be disconcerting, and because of the experience and leadership R&Q will bring to your company, it's almost always not.

Exceed expectations. Your medical device must obviously meet expectations... but can it exceed them? R&Q strives to delight our clients at each and every turn. By doing that, we help ensure that the users of the medical device are delighted as well. Maintain product quality - whether physical, electrical, functional, or visual appearance - and success for the medical device will follow.

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