R&Q uses a customized and business-balanced approach to developing and/or streamlining quality systems. Sure, we absolutely rely on best and proven practices to guide our solutions... but one size never fits all. Client success is our success and the only way to get there is implementing what's right for you.

Quality systems services

Quality system development / improvement: ISO 13485, QSR, EU MDR, IVDR
Internal and supplier auditing
Mock EU MDR and IVDR audits
FDA and MDSAP inspection readiness and support
Acquisition integration

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The right system for you.

We never recommend a cookie cutter solution. Each company we work with is different, and our team goes to great lengths to ensure we help implement the right systems for your needs. Whether your quality system needs developed from the ground up or simply needs streamlined, R&Q merges with your existing team to make it happen. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

A business-balanced approach.

What does business balanced mean? It means that we understand you have a company to run. You need solutions that not only get your product to market, but get it there faster, and ultimately improve your bottom line. R&Q is ISO9001 certified, and every single service we utilize for clients - and our own employees - is built into a system to ensure satisfaction. After all, if our own business can't continue to move forward, how will yours? R&Q understands what it takes.

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